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Swallowfield Super Squad

Introducing the Swallowfield Super Squad


Join the Super Squad on exciting adventures around the world with the school’s very own superhero team.

Each month, the children will be set a challenge that uses on their Geography skills but having lots of fun along the way. The focus of the monthly challenges with vary and the children’s submissions will be shared across the whole school to allow other children to see and appreciate their amazing work.



This month, during an exciting rescue mission in the Arctic, we were introduced to the newest member of the squad… Super Swallowfield Wolf.

Do you want to be a member of the SWALLOWFIELD SUPER SQUAD? In order to join the TEAM, the squad have some important missions that they need your help with. Choose one of the tasks on the link below to complete at home.


Super Squad Volume 2



This month it seems that the wicked ‘Miss Chief‘ has been up to her wicked ways once again. With the Swallowfield Super Squad’s minds wiped they are completely helpless and have no idea what geography is.

Spend some time at home either talking to your grown ups and/or researching and see if you can help the Super Squad using the box below write a couple of sentences or paragraph explaining what you think geography is. What does it include? Can you think name any examples of it in our school? What are you excited to learn about?

Super Squad Volume 1



Last month the children were introduced to the Swallowfield Super Squad; Diana, Oceana, Atlas Adam and Tectonic Boy! Their mission was to create their own animal sidekick for the Super Squad. With over a whopping 180 entries it was a tough choice to make.



Swallowfield Stanley Printables


Swallowfield Busy Bees Stanley


Swallowfield Stanley


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