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School Staff


The Senior Leadership Team
Mrs K Brewer Headteacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead)
Mr G McGill Deputy Headteacher (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)
Mrs L Wisson Assistant Headteacher for the Early Years/Teacher in Reception
Miss C Potter Assistant Headteacher for KS1/Teacher in Year 2
Mrs H Woodman Assistant Headteacher for KS2/Teacher in Year 5
Mr R Plumbly Senior Teacher in Year 4
Early Years- BusyBees and Reception Team
Mrs E Blakeburn Teacher in Reception
Mrs K Garratt Teacher in Reception and Pastoral Support
Ms R Millward Teacher in Reception
Mrs L Wisson Teacher in Reception
Mrs E Thomas Teacher in Reception and SENDCo
Mrs T Mann Learning Support Assistant/First Aid
Mrs K Bishop Pre-school Manager/First Aid
Mrs S Lynch Pre-school Deputy Manager/First Aid
Mrs S Boulton Early Years Practitioner/First Aid
Mrs D Ford Early Years Practitioner
Mrs A Mackenzie Early Years Practitioner/First Aid
Mrs Danielle Preston Support Staff
Key Stage One Team
Miss E Bright Teacher in Year 1
Mrs A Galloway Teacher in Year 1
Mrs E Rand Teacher in Year 1
Miss K Harding Teacher in Year 2
Miss C Potter Teacher in Year 2
Mrs S Hayler Higher Level Teaching Assistant/ Computing
Mrs J Cowdrill Learning Support Assistant
Mrs D Gilbert Learning Support Assistant/MDSA
Mrs P Kenny Learning Support Assistant/First Aid
Mrs M Tkaczuk Learning Support Assistant
Mrs K Hill Cover Supervisor/Pupil Premium/Lead First Aid
Key Stage Two Team
Mrs F Sharpe Teacher in Year 5
Mrs H Woodman Teacher in Year 5
Mrs A McCormick Teacher in Year 4
Mrs L Peters Teacher in Year 4
Mr R Plumbly Senior Teacher/Teacher in Year 4
Mr S Scippo Teacher in Year 3
Mrs A Walker Teacher in Year 3
Mrs S Hayler Higher Level Teaching Assistant/Computing
Mrs J Alsabiry Learning Support Assistant/MDSA
Mrs G Bailey Learning Support Assistant-1:1
Mrs A Brindle Learning Support Assistant
Mrs K Crouch Learning Support Assistant-1:1
Mrs C McCarthy Learning Support Assistant
Mrs L Miller Learning Support Assistant/First Aid/MDSA
Mrs S Middleton Learning Support Assistant/First Aid
Mrs S Scott-Hughes Learning Support Assistant-1:1
Mrs F Scouller Learning Support Assistant/MDSA
The Office Team
Mrs A Kent Bursar
Mrs L Tucker Secretary
Lunchtime Supervisors and Catering Team
Mrs G Whitmee Midday Supervisor/First Aid
Mrs A Ballabas Midday Supervisor
Mrs A Sinfield Midday Supervisor
Mrs L Hill Midday Supervisor
Mrs S Fuller Kitchen Assistant
Mr B Roberts Kitchen Manager
Mrs E Cameron Kitchen Assistant
Maintenance and Cleaning Team
Mrs S Carter Site Agent
Mrs C Jenkins Cleaner
External Cleaning Team



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Woburn Sands
Milton Keynes
MK17 8SR
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Swallowfield Primary