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Happy Historians House Point Challenge

“Just because Milton Keynes is a new town does not mean it doesn’t have a rich history!”

All of May is Local and Community History month across the UK!

During this month, we want you all to become happy historians.  We would like you to read about, research and report on the history of Woburn Sands or Milton Keynes.

We have attached a small quiz about local history for you to complete to give you some ideas.  You can email your quiz answers and your historical facts to e.rand@swallowfieldprimary.com by the 22nd May.

House points will be awarded to those children who take part in the quiz and extra points will be given for teaching us exciting historical facts we did not already know.

Happy hunting

Happy Historians-House Point Challenge

Thank you to everybody that has taken part in the challenge so far.  I have had lots of children scoring 10/10 on the quiz and I have learnt lots of new facts about the history of the local community.  Below are some examples of work I have received.  The History Trail Question Sheet was created by The Scouts and completed by Eleanor Lycett-Parry.  It has some lovely historical video clips you might enjoy.

Currently Goldfinches are in the lead with 54 house points with Woodpeckers a close second with 50.  There are still 4 days to go, it could all change!

History Trail Question Sheet_Word version – Answers (1) Louis Pearce Poppy Pearce



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