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Science Week

Science Week at Swallowfield is always a big occasion and this week was no exception! A Balloon and Bubbles assembly really started our Science Week off with a bang! Then on Thursday and Friday mornings, the children worked in House teams to solve Science challenges.

Year One challenged the teams to build the best paper aeroplane that would travel the furthest distance. Year Two had the children building Balloon Cars, again testing to see which team would get their car to travel the furthest. In Year Three, the teams were challenged to make a Secret Science Agent Gadget that would help our friend Agent James Boffin be able to see up into a tree house to rescue Agent Squidee. Finally, Year 4 challenged the teams to make Balloon Rockets and race them to see which was the fastest. The teams scored points for their houses and overall winners were announced in assembly.

Foundation:   Woodpeckers

Key Stage 1:    Kingfishers

Key Stage 2:   Woodpeckers

The scores were incredibly close, so we are very happy to have such talented Scientists at Swallowfield!

Each teacher nominated someone that had stood out to them over the 2 days as Science Superstars. The children that were chosen were given certificates in assembly:  Sam Barr, Ben Amexheta, Florence Anstee, Sophia Hardley, Harry Apps, Sam Powell, Isha Gandhi-Patel, Archie Harvard, Mary Barr and Robin Scholfield. Congratulations to our budding Scientists of the future 🙂


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