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Reception No Pens Day

Today was No Pens Day so we tried our best to not use a pen all day long.

Our morning started with a range of puzzles for us to have a go at in our table groups. This was a little different to our usual morning activities but we did a great job.

In phonics today we changed our usual routine slightly and did our recording in chalks.

In Maths today we used pictures to help us to record one more.

In our English sessions this week we are busy exploring rhyming pairs. We had to match the animal with the object that it rhymes with from the Book ‘Oi Frog’ by Kes Gray and Jim Field.

This afternoon we created our own terrible creature inspired by our reading of the Gruffalo. We used a paint app on the ipads to create our masterpieces.


What a busy day for no pens!


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