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Empty Classroom Day

newlogo2015eightFriday 19th June

The school took part in this national activity designed to encourage everyone outdoors. Many of our lessons were spent outside, using all the different areas of our grounds. From quiet story and reading areas to using the playground for chalking words for literacy and of course a range of outdoor sports.

Every class also had a session taking part in the “Stick to Time Challenge” an activity based around just a few of the things you can do with sticks! Each challenge was also set against a time limit.   The main challenge was to work as part of a team constructing a den using a range of resources available.

The second challenge was to use smaller sticks in a wide range of choices; building a mini den for Stanley, building stick towers, building a 3D shape, leaf/stick letters, a boat for Stanley – to be tested on water, using identification charts for leaves/twigs/trees in the wildlife area, observational drawing of trees and exploring the wildlife area.

Despite a damp start, everyone had a great time. See the photos in the gallery and some of the year group pages.

Wear it Wild.

June 5th   This was the World Wide Fund for Natures first year of running this activity, which we used as a mufti day fund raiser. There were some fantastic costumes and clothing on the general theme. (See the pictures on the website!) Some classes were able to make use of the resources from the website too.

Thank you for all your donations, we were able to raise £ 183.09 towards projects around the globe aimed at helping people and nature thrive.

Sunflower Challenge

Hopefully all the children have now come home with their sunflower for this years growing challenge. Many will also have found a spare plant now starting to grow in the pot. Reports have already come in as to how sturdy plants are getting! Many will be ready to plant out and start their climb upwards! Keep those pictures coming in of their progress! We look forward to seeing how tall they can grow, who can grow the tallest, largest flower head etc.

Growing Success

You may have noticed that the vegetable beds around the school are flourishing. Some of the classes have already been able to taste the results, with more to come. In addition to all that we usually grow, with the support of Love Woburn Sands, we are also taking part in the Waitrose Grow and Sell initiative. Pots, seeds and instructions were given to Years 3 and 4, who have nurtured the seedlings, planted them out and now care for the plants while awaiting the end result. It is hoped that eventually there will be produce that can be sold at Waitrose or after school towards funds, with maybe a little sampling within school too.

Wheelbarrow Garden

Thank you to those of you who supported our entry in the Frosts wheelbarrow competition. There were a lot of very good entries. Although we did not win either the Alan Titchmarsh selection or the voting, we were very pleased with our entry. We were  given a signed photo and packets of sunflower seeds, which we have used for this years growing challenge. Our wheelbarrow meanwhile continues to evolve, with Stanley and his Eco Village disappearing beneath the growth!

Thank you to those of you who donated as a result of the wishing well at its centre. We raised £10 for the Make a Wish charity which one of the designers had nominated. Thank you also for the designs entered by Poppy Y2, Maddy Y4, Hudson YF. The winning design was a combination of those entered by Dillon Y3, Emily and Aliyah Y4.


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