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Swallowfield Newsletter: September

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Swallowfield Newsletter: May

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World Book Day 2023

Dressing up for World Book Day is every teacher’s secret favourite day of the year!



NSPCC Numbers Rock Day

We are excited to be taking part in our annual Numbers Rock Day on Friday 3rd February 2023 with a rock theme. Please see the attached letter with details of the event and the Google Form for you to choose an item for your child to have during the day. Many thanks

NSPCC Numbers Day Letter 2023

Christmas Performances 2022

This year, we are pleased to announce a wide range of Christmas performances from the children. Please see the list of dates and times below and make sure you have filled out the Google Forms below to ensure you have a place.


BB/ Reception – Carol Concert -14th December (2.30pm)


Year 1 – Nativity – 13th and 14th December (9.30am)


Year 2 – Christmas Concert – 13th December (2.30pm)


Year 3 – The Inn-Spectors – 8th December (2pm and 6pm)


Year 4 – The Adventures of Super Stanley: The Origin Story – 7th December (2pm and 6pm)


Year 5 – Christmas Carols at Frosts – 7th and 8th December

Year 5 – Christmas Concert – 12th December (2.30pm)


Welcome to a New Year and New School!

We hope you have all had a very happy and enjoyable summer break. Welcome back to Swallowfield Primary!

Please note that the children return to school from Monday 5th September.

We look forward to seeing you all then.

Year 4 Maths Meeting- Multiplication Tables Check

On Wednesday 4th May a Maths fluency meeting took place and focused on the Year 4 Times Tables check that all our Year 4 children will undertake in the first three weeks in June.

Please see attached the short presentation to read about what will happen after half term in June. Below are some highlights from the meeting:

-This check will consist of 25 times tables questions for each child (no division questions)

-The check will take 5 minutes per child and will be led by myself.

-The check will test up to 12×12 and will be random for each child.

-It will take place on what the children are used to using each day- our kindles. -There will be a particular focus on the 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12 times tables.

-Children will have 6 seconds to answer a question with a 3 second gap between questions.

-There is to be no threshold or pass mark for children to obtain.

-Your child’s teacher will share your child’s score with you in the end of year report. This will be a score out of 25.

-The presentation explains that we teach the children their times tables in each year group. We chant them, sing them, learn them, see what they look like drawn out and use various games and apps to practise them like TTRockstars.

-We encourage daily use of TT Rockstars where the children play in ‘Garage’ and then have a try at ‘Soundcheck’ to practise the times tables check.

-‘Hit the Button’ is another good app to use for practising times tables.

Thank you, we appreciate all the support you can give with the children before they take the multiplication check after half term.

Parent and Carer Presentation MTC Check 2022

Swallowfield Awards

We are very proud of the many awards and Quality Marks we have attained as a school. If you have scrolled to the bottom of the front page of our website or have been in the school office, you will have seen a number of awards and certificates on our website pages or the corridor walls. We thought it would be useful to share more information about each of these.

Awards Communication

An Unexpected Visitor at Swallowfield!

At the end of last week, the children and staff of Swallowfield got to witness some brave heroes at work.

To say it was unexpected would be an understatement but when an Air Ambulance helicopter landed on our playing field in the middle of a lunch time break  our children all acted responsibly and respectfully (although somewhat confused).

After the brilliant paramedics had finished their work they even let the whole school watch the helicopter take off.

Here is a clip to show what a truly bizarre but brilliant experience it was.

This was a great chance to show the children of Swallowfield what being a hero really means.


Safer Internet Day

On Tuesday 8th February and for the rest of the week we have been busy learning about being safe when we use the internet. We looked at stories, games, listened to assemblies and found out lots of reasons on why we need to be safe online.

Here are some of the pictures from the day.



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