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Terrific Tuesday – Chromatography

Today we explored chromatography – the method in which colours are mixed to create new colours.

We made our own super special Elmer elephants using chromatography to help us decorate.

The children were asked to describe what they saw happening as they dipped Elmer’s decorated toes into the tray of shallow water.

Take a look at what we created below:

Reception No Pens Day

Today was No Pens Day so we tried our best to not use a pen all day long.

Our morning started with a range of puzzles for us to have a go at in our table groups. This was a little different to our usual morning activities but we did a great job.

In phonics today we changed our usual routine slightly and did our recording in chalks.

In Maths today we used pictures to help us to record one more.

In our English sessions this week we are busy exploring rhyming pairs. We had to match the animal with the object that it rhymes with from the Book ‘Oi Frog’ by Kes Gray and Jim Field.

This afternoon we created our own terrible creature inspired by our reading of the Gruffalo. We used a paint app on the ipads to create our masterpieces.


What a busy day for no pens!

Reception promises to our planet: Cop26

This week in our environmental session with Mrs Thomas we have been making promises to our planet. All the children had wonderful ideas of how to help.


Magical Monday – Clay Hedgehogs

Today we explored the story ‘The Hedgehog’ – an Oxford Reading Tree story that has no words. Together we looked at the illustrations to retell the story in our own words. We used the pictures from the story to sequence the events.

This afternoon we made our very own clay hedgehogs. We followed 4 simple steps to create the masterpiece:


2. Roll

3. Shape

4. Cut

Magical Monday – Magic Crayons

This week out main book to support our learning is called ‘The Day the Crayon’s Quit’ by Drew Daywalt.


The children created their own magical crayon out of older wax crayons we had at school.

It would be great if you could have a chat at home and see whether the children can tell you how they were created.

Take a look at the pictures below:

(We are sorry that some photos appear the wrong way and this cannot be changed at this time. Please bare with us while we speak to our technical support to fix the issue)


Reception Visitor

This week in Reception we have been very lucky to have a classroom visit to support our book theme called ‘White Rabbit’s Colour Book’ by Alan Baker.

We have been recognising colours and sorting different objects by their colour. The children have enjoyed sharing their success with Bonnie the Bunny and showing her all their work! We have also been mixing paints to create new colours. We have also enjoyed petting Bonnie and taking care of her this week.

Here she is enjoying the book herself. I wonder if any of the children can tell their grown up what happens in this story?


YFD Fun Day

Bubble Day

Please see below the photographs of the children completing some of the challenges similar to what they have all seen on our Battle of the Bubbles series. It was a scorcher but we had lots of fun!

The challenges included:
Stanley’s Mini Tea Party – we had to balance our ‘teabag beanbag’ on our heads to complete the adventure playground.
Teabag challenge – throw the ‘beanbag teabags’ into the oversized cups to score points.
Scavenger hunt – find items Stanley had lost to give back to Stanley. The cards either had challenges on or were a letter to spell a word for us to work out.
Thank you so much to our hosts for sorting the series and the challenges. We have all loved watching and playing along and look forward to hearing the winner later this week.

Magical Monday – Minibeast Crafts

This week for our Magical Monday we designed and created a minibeast craft of our choice. First the children chose a minibeast and drew their design, thinking about the different materials and resources they could use. Next they use the available materials and resources to create their minibeast. Take a look at the amazing creations below:

Magical Monday – Spider Puppets

For this week’s Magical Monday we made spider puppets!


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